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HOBBIT SEED Hobbit Feminised Seeds by the cannabis breeder Kannabia Seeds, is a Autoflowering marijuana strain. These seeds germinate in Starts in 3rd week in 65 days from seed. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown. The intensely sweet aroma is strong enough to warrant a high-efficiency filtration system, but Hobbit Auto’s flavour is the real hidden treasure in these cannabis seeds. This smoke tastes just like sugary strawberry sweets so tasty!   There are many good things about Hobbit. These traits are the ones that the strain inherited from its parents. When you grow Hobbit outdoors, know that you will be able to harvest it during the month of October. To get the best out of this marijuana strain, it is advised to plant it to a 7 liter pot right away. Also, when growing Hobbit indoors, the photoperiod should be 18 hours. Hobbit Auto boosts flowering in side branches providing an extra percentage in production. Indoors, you can grow in 18 hour photoperiods without any problem. Outdoors we suggest March to October planting. So sweet that you should use powerful odour filters from early flowering stages indoors. HOBBIT SEEDS FEATURES:  Type: Feminized Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Flowering: 65 Days Yield: 20-60g/m2 Height: 50cm-90cm Flavour: Sweet Strawberry Candy THC Level: 15% Growing: Easy

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