Amazonia Seeds

Amazonia Seeds is an indica dominant in growth but sativa in its effect, Amazonia seed is a strain that has a high productivity, and its hit is energetic and lively. You can


 Amazonia Seeds is a pure, Brazilian naturally occurring strain that is indica dominant in its growth but its effect shows sativa. Vigorous and leafy, this plant grows wild in the Amazonian forest where it has used to remedy various issues, mostly childbirth. Amazonia seed can be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The Breeders chosen an early blossoming strain for this cross, bringing about a final result with some profoundly attractive properties, for example, a more conservative size and that's just the beginning abundant flowering. The bud production of this plant is productive, displaying themselves as large and heavy. Amazonia is resistive to fungal, showing adaptation to its humid natural environment. It has a good yield, but pruning it will help improve its productivity although due to its natural tendency towards light lateral branching makes it productive even if left without pruned. This strain has quite a bitter, lemony flavor that is tart and tangy. The hit is energetic and lively although the high CBD levels can be felt physically. Learn more about purple elephant strain.

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buy Amazonia Seeds and rainbow kush weed at Cannabis Owl. Amazonia Seeds Details: Variety: Mostly Indica Climate: Indoors, Outdoor Sex: Regular Seeds Flowering time: 58 days Genetics: Harvest month:  October THC:  18.1% CBD: Yield: 400g indoor / 500-600g outdoor Height:            

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