Skywalker Seeds

Skywalker seeds are the original Skywalker, which are also the cross bred between the two well-known strains – namely, the Skywalker weed and OG Kush seeds. Studies have found out that


The intention about producing this plant is to create one of the best Indica strains in the living environment. It is typically a half breed result of a Mazar female and a Blueberry male. It’s important to know that skywalker seed is typical an Indica dominant strain with a high THC level. It also has some sativa contents that compliment its functionality. Skywalker seed is such a great strain because it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers; also, the seed has amazing growing pattern with most of the plants tend to grow into small to medium-sized plant that produce a very good yield during harvest. If you are a cannabis lover, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with this strain, because it has excellent qualities that make it unique among hundreds of marijuana strains. The flavor it got is absolutely amazing; it has a high rich aroma and high level of potent THC. Overall, it has one of the best qualities you would need in a cannabis strain.

Moreover, the typical flowering period of this strain is within 8 - 9 weeks and when the flowering time comes, it produces an intense flavor and aroma of tropical fruits, citrus fruit, blueberry, and diesel. This wonderful plant is also known to be very effective in providing medical solutions for a number of ailments. Among its medical benefits are: providing relief for pain, anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, and so on and so forth. It is certainly one of the best Indica genotype that’s being around recently and you just can’t go wrong growing this plant in your home.

Although the seed is capable of growing well in indoor and outdoor conditions, but when developed from clones at "Sea of Green", these seeds will yield about 400 g/m2 under favorable conditions. The growing difficulty is certainly easy and all what is needed for you as a grower is to give it adequate attention and you are simply good to go. It is surely one of the cannabis strains that every grower (both novice and experienced) should give it a trial. Another thing you may love about this plant is its special blueberry taste and characteristics. It has a pleasant taste of fresh fruits with high quality of smoking experience. Find out below the features of this great plant in summary. Get interested to try out amnesia cheese.

Skywalker Seeds price compare:

this old school strain has re-emerged recently under a new hybrid – Skywalker OG Kush and has since becoming popular in the global cannabis market. Below is a comprehensive review about the original Skywalker seeds. Find out more about cannabis seed bank merchandise. Skywalker Seeds Features:
  • Variety: mostly Indica
  • Indoor flowering period: 63 - 77 days
  • Outdoor flowering period: mostly October
  • Height: average
  • Climate: Indoor and outdoor
  • Harvest time: October/November
  • Plant’s flavor: fruity
  • Plant’s yield: high
  • Plant’s sex: feminized
  • Plant’s flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • CBD: unknown
  • THC: 12%

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