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Auto New York City has proven to perform well in all environments, production is massive for an auto flowering strain. Buds are fluffy and NOT dense helpinging this strain to fight the was against rot.  Auto NYC is completed in just 8 weeks from seed, expect to see daily progression that is clearly marked.   Auto New York City is a 100% auto flowering strain. It is a very popopular choice with growers and has a distinct flavour that means it is equally popular with a lot of smokers too. The strain is mostly sativa and it will produce a very good yield after the eight week harvesting time that is required of it. This variety is mostly a Sativa, very popular among growers and with a distinctive lemon taste. Its flower, although not bulky, is very dense and heavy. Auto New York City is not vulnerable to fungi. Even though it is a Sativa, this plant has an early blooming and it is highly productive.   This is why it is appropriate to any condition and environment. The lemony citrus flavour of the Auto New York City is mostly resistant to fungus and the flower is not bulky. It can be grown in many different conditions and yield the same great results. This is why the autoflowering plant has proven so popular with regular growers. AUTO NEW YORK CITY SEEDS FEATURES:   GenderFeminized PhotoperiodAuto Flowering CultivationIndoor & Outdoor CharacteristicsIts flower, although not bulky, is very dense and heavy   Outdoor Yield120 gr/Per Plant Minimum Yield30 gr/m2 Indoor Yield550 gr/m2 Flowering Time56 Days CBD%0.4% THC%18.00% CBN0.9% Height60 - 130 cm TasteA distinctive lemon taste  

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