Chronic Seeds

Chronic Seeds by Serious seeds is perfect balanced hybrid which grows in indica dominating pattern but possesses a largely sativa effects. Well known and famous among connoisseur, it has become a


Developed from the cross of Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47, Chronic seed is an award winning strain that possesses sweet flavor and earthy and woody aroma. With its THC level reaching 20%+ when smoked, this strain delivers an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high for the user and is great at causing the giggles. There's more to read of our marijuana seed reviews.

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measure of what a good quality cannabis is. As a resulting strain developed from the cross of Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47, it has also become a parent for other strains such as AK-48. Chronic was made famous by the West Coast hip hop scene of the early nineties and is still incredibly popular today. The feminized seed can be grown according to the choice of the farmers; either indoor or outdoor cultivation. The medium-sized plant which is not too dense is the perfect combination of good yield and excellent quality. This strain has won several awards. In 1994, it gained 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup and improved in 2000; 1st prize High Life Cup Spain 2004; 2nd prize El Punto Cup 2005, outdoor Málaga. This plant is well known for its mix of presentation and fragrant scent. It grows a solitary gigantic focal bud with few side branches. This strain does not react well to garnish. It is gentle building up a sweet scent while blossoming. Spreading is solid and gainful, with a few appendages developing buds practically as large as those on the principle stem. Like Big Bud, full-blossoming branches ought to be bolstered to abstain from being broken by the heaviness of their yield. This strain needs mind drying altogether after collect to keep up its unobtrusive scent. Chronic seed has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks while the yield of 350-600 g/m² is possible. She possesses a THC level of 20%+ which makes a pleasant high; the CBD level is low. Find more of our seeds at The experience of smokers have of Chronic is something like honey, flower, and spice. It delivers an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high for the user and is great at causing the giggles. The flavour of this strain is wonderfully sweet, and the aroma is earthy and woody when burnt. This strain is great for a party or social event. The power of this strain is the best thing about it, and the extra-large yield is a bonus for growers! It also offers medical benefits. It is extremely relaxing to use Chronic, so we recommend it to those who are suffering from stress or anxiety. However, the sativa content makes it a strain you shouldn't be using to get to sleep late at night. It is also very energetic, so it could be used on those days when one is feeling a bit slow or sad. Some online reviews that have attested to it are: “This strain is awesome. The aroma is sweet and high is extremely pleasing” “Chronic seed possesses a great aromatic smell, while the high is uplifting and euphoric” Seed Details Variety: Indica/Sativa Cross:     Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47 Climate: Indoors, outdoors Sex: Feminized plants. Flowering time: 8-9 weeks Yield: 350-600 g/m² Height: Medium THC: 20%+ CBD: low Taste: Sweet flavour and aroma that is earthy and woody when burnt    

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