Passionfruit Seeds

Conceived with the idea of producing a strain that will produce more buds than others of the same strain, Vancouver Island Seed Company crossed Grapefruit with Burmese to produce Passionfruit seeds.


A widely accepted marijuana strain that is medium to high stature and possesses an excellent look and nugs that are large and puffy, with plenty of orange hairs on it. Its high THC level of 22% delivers a super highness that leads to feelings of euphoric, creative, calm, and numb, when smoked. Typically an excellent choice for patient with anxiety and stress related issues and also a stimulant for hunger. Its smell is simply phenomenal as they have a strong smell of fruit loops, and actually, have a subtle pomegranate aftertaste. Check out other marijuana seed reviews.

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To their expectation and even more, this buzzing weed produced a thrilling tropical flavoured bounty result.  Passionfruit seed is a Sativa dominant strain that growers can choose to either grow indoors or outdoors. In addition, it has the flexibility of adapting to other growing systems such as SOG, greenhouse and other super cropping methods which growers with high experience may like to use. This regular cannabis produces buds that take purple colour with tons of green leaves all around it, and owing to its Sativa dominance, the growing height is relatively medium or tall. Its nugs are large and puffy, with plenty of orange hairs on it. It has a flowering period of 7 weeks which is counted from when it enters its vegetation stage. After the flowering period, this plant produces an amazing yield of 115 grams of potent Sativa buds. The THC level for the plant is as high as 22% which accounts for its super highness when smoked. The CBD and CBN content are 0.54% and 0.22% respectively. Learn more about afghani bullrider. The effect of smoking this ganja is incredibly amazing. The effect is cerebral, and the highness is super. The buzz is crippling and hands you a feeling of being euphoric in order to counter any low depression; creative in order to raise your thinking capability and be inventive; calm in order to relax you, and numb feelings as well. In addition, it stimulates hunger thereby offering appetite to those who have eating problems. The smoke can be on the harsh side, and hits the lungs very hard each and every time. It can be used to battle health related problems such as anxiety and stress, and over time, this has proved successful as reported by many smokers. The smell is simply phenomenal as they have a strong smell of fruit loops, and actually, have a subtle pomegranate aftertaste. The smell is such that can make you just want to pop a nug into your mouth. Passionfruit strain also has some negatives of smoking it that is worth mentioning. A typical negative effect is the dryness of mouth, and having a handy drink or water is a sure way to combat this. Also, it gives a slight feeling of anxiety. Some online reviews that have attested to it are: “Passionfruit is a beautiful, smooth, fruity, yet very strong strain that provides a nice soaring head-high as well as a relaxing body stone. I highly recommend Passionfruit. I cannot get enough of it!” “If you're anything like me, you love the smell of really fruity nugs. I actually had no idea there were Passion Fruit buds, but the smell had me convinced.” “I did a name search for this bud as I picked some up last night and guess what, the smell is so so so so good and I literally sat and kept smelling the bag every couple minutes… triple a stuff right here” Seed Details Variety: Sativa Dominant Cross:     Grapefruit/ Burmese Climate: Indoors, outdoors Sex: Produces both male and female plants. Flowering time: 7 weeks Yield: 115 grams Height: Medium to tall THC: 22% CBD: 0.54% CBN: 0.22% Taste: A very fruity and sour flavor very similar to fruit punch        

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