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Silver Pearl seed is a 3-way marijuana hybrid comprising of Early Pearl, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights. It’s important to know that the Northern Lights was first back crossed over time with Skunk #1, then there was crossed with  Silver Pearl to produce an ideal Ganja strain for indoors and greenhouse environment. Read more about cannabis seed bank merchandise. Silver Pearl Seeds Features:
  • Variety: Indica/Sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 45-50 days
  • Outdoor flowering period: n/a
  • Greenhouse flowering time: mid October
  • Height: 100-120cm, but can grow taller than that
  • Climate: perfectly for Indoor and greenhouse
  • Harvest time: October
  • Plant’s flavor: honey flavor
  • Plant’s yield: high
  • Plant’s sex: regular
  • Plant’s flowering time: 7-8 weeks
  • CBD: unknown
  • THC: medium


The silver pearl seed is easy to grow and handles stress very well; it also has one of the most beautiful features you would love to see in a cannabis strain. Historically, the early Pearl parent comes from the United States where it was developed in the 1970s and added to Sensi's steady in the beginning of the rearing system. Reports have it that the early pearl was greatly sweet with wonderful experience, and has the ability to resist mold and other unpleasant conditions. It is simply one of the cannabis that you can grow without stress.

If you are looking for a cannabis strain that is fresh with awesome flavor, look no further than silver pearl. It has a feel of honey flavor; couple with the consistency, quick finish, and low leaf count of the Northern Lights and Skunk. In case you’re thinking on how to grow this plant perfectly well without any hassle, the silver pearl seed is easy to grow giving excellent indoor results and also performing wonderfully-well in the greenhouse. Studies have shown that this plant is capable of providing solutions for a number of health-related issues such as nausea, body pain, anxiety, lack f confidence, depression, among others. People around the world have recommended this plant, because it just can’t go wrong if it’s being used the right way.

Its flowering period is achievable between 45-50 days; its height is around 100 - 120cm but can grow taller. It also can yield from 100g and above, and experts suggest that the plant is perfect for beginners who are yet to have a full-fledge experience in the cannabis environment. Its harvest time is mostly October; and as a smoker, the silver pearl can give you the experience that you always wish to have. In terms of physical appearance, the silver pear is dark green in shading with an iced coated look because of an excess of sweet, sticky pearl drops of sap on thick buds. It also has a low leaf structure; this makes for easy clipping as well as adding a bit of mold resistance. Another thing many growers would love about this plant is its fast finishing capabilities, resistance to mold, easy growing and maintenance, as well as high production prowess. Read more about afghani bullrider.

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