Sour Og Seeds

Sour OG seed is a Sativa dominant marijuana strain and also a cut crossed to SFV OGK f4 male. The plant is very popular and has shown great structure and solid


If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that can calm you down as a smoker, provide medical relief for you, and give you all the experiences required to feel in the cannabis industry, the sour OG seed is the ideal choice. This plant is well- known for its robust and effective prowess in making a difference in the life of every smoker. The marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with awesome flavors that can take you to a heaven-on-earth. Growing or smoking this strain can present you with a number of benefits – some of which are health related benefits.

Users of this specie of marijuana around the world have testified of its amazing qualities and its capabilities to provide a high end medication for numerous health challenges. Reports suggest that people who are battling in one medical condition to another can have a remedy in Sour OG seeds. This cannabis strain has the power to provide medical solutions to patients that are battling with anxiety, lack of confidence, body pain, and nausea, among others. Surely, the sour OG seed is one cannabis strain that deserves recommendations for its outstanding values in the marijuana industry.

If you love marijuana, you surely would love to grow a Sour OG in your garden. The plant is a great strain and its easily recognizable by taking notice of its crystal Sour OG glands all over the buds. It has one of the best but strong smells, a delightful and awesome taste and can give Sativa-lovers with that deep and ecstatic high that they've been kicking the bucket to accomplish. If you wish to dive into this amazing plant, this is the strain to lose yourself in. you hardly go wrong growing this plant in a legitimate way, because the experiences that await you are things that worth waiting for.

The Sour OG has an average flowering period of 8 weeks and can grow well in indoor and outdoor conditions. It can yield very high with amazing 600g and above. Many growers around the world have rated this cannabis strain high because it is one of the plant that you would grow and enjoy the benefits of its productivity. With this marijuana, you are simply paving your way to greatness in becoming one of the world’s largest producers of sour OG seeds. Check out also amnesia cheese.

Sour Og Seeds price compare:

kolas with fuel sour kerosene funk. Below is a review about this wonderful marijuana strain and find out other marijuana seed reviews. Sour OG Seeds Features:
  • Variety: mostly Sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 55 – 65 days
  • Outdoor flowering period: mostly early October
  • Height: average
  • Climate: perfectly for Indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Harvest time: October
  • Plant’s flavor: fuel sour kerosene funk
  • Plant’s yield: very high
  • Plant’s sex: feminized
  • Plant’s flowering time: 8 weeks
  • CBD: 0 – 1%
  • THC: 15 – 20%

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