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South African seed is a sativa strain that originated from the wild north of the Drakensberg ridge. The plant, which is said to flowers early, has long been in existence in the cannabis world. It is a marijuana strain that has a sweet taste and a physical and energizing effect. Here is a review about this wonderful strain and check out habiba seeds. South African Seeds Features:
  • Variety: 100% sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 50 – 58 days
  • Outdoor flowering period: mostly ending of September
  • Height: up to 1.5m
  • Climate: indoor and outdoor
  • Harvest time: October
  • Plant’s flavor: sweet floral, slightly earthy and spicy
  • Plant’s yield: high
  • Plant’s sex: male
  • Plant’s flowering time: 7-8 weeks
  • CBD: low
  • THC: 15 – 20%


The seed, which is Developed by eras of Shaka Zulus who were one of Africa's hugest agriculturist warrior tribes, is one of the cannabis strains every marijuana grower should grow. Studies have found that this plant was utilized as a part of the fight preparations prior to the first English assault in 1879 and that its durable and amazing properties have helped the dwarfed and outgunned Zulu armed force to repulse the adversary trespassers. The seed is known as 100% sativa and can grow well in indoor and outdoor conditions without any hassle. If you’re looking for one of the cannabis strain that has the shortest flowering time, the South African seed is the perfect choice for you. In just 58 days of planting, flowers will begin to grow and will spread widely with beautiful growing pattern till the harvest time.

Have you ever experienced the smoke of the real sativa strain? This is the time for you to try the South African seed, because you would be getting an experience that you’ve probably never had in marijuana. The plant has a sweet flavor and studies have shown that it can also be used for medicinal purposes. Some of the medical benefits this strain can presents include: a relief for body pain, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, insomnia, among others. If you’re a cannabis lover and you want to get some medical help, why not buy the South African seed and grow in your home? It will surely provide not only your smoking needs, but also your medicinal needs.

Moreover, studies have confirmed that the South African seed can yield very high, with an impressive 350g – 500g respectively. It can grow very tall in favorable condition and it has one of the easiest maintenance methods you could ever imagine.  Have You ever experienced genuine immaculate sativa smoke? If not you should try and have a touch of that because you have the most one of a kind and energizing pot encounter as yet waiting for you.

In terms of physical appearance, the South African seeds have one of the best appearances a beautiful marijuana strain should have. It often develops pink and purple tones at maturity, and this makes it aesthetically pleasing in the eye. Moreover, it is important to know that the South Africa seed can be ready for harvest in October and by that time, you would see the wonders it presents. You can read more marijuana seed reviews here.

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