Strawberry Haze Seeds

Meta Description: Strawberry haze seed, also known as Arjan’s strawberry haze, it is a strain which is dominated by a sweet sativa with bright green in color and medium-sized that originated from


These are feminized seeds and are able to breed crop-yield female plants. The plant has amazing flavor and aroma with a candy-like strawberry taste. Having this strain at home is an indication that you would have one of the best home-grown cannabis for a while.  In terms of effects; this cannabis strain has good effects especially in taking care of a number of ailments. If you are battling a condition of muscular pain, or anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, or arthritis, etc. you can make use of this marijuana to gain outstanding relief. It is important to know that this cannabis has won several awards for its potency and effectiveness in providing solutions for not only for smoking needs, but also medicinal value. So, if you’re looking for marijuana that can satisfy your smoking needs and also help you tackle a number of health-related conditions; look no further than strawberry haze seeds.

The seed, which has an average flowering period of 70 days, can grow well in indoor and outdoor conditions without any hassle. This mountain plant is resistance to mould and pest and is also adapted to humid areas, and overall very versatile, strong, and easy to grow. In terms of height, the strawberry Haze seed ranges from 3 feet in little compartments, to 10 feet when its foundations are sans given rule It also has short internodes and medium-sized round leaves. Other appearance features found out that the branches vertically stood out which go straight to the light, permitting plants to be set nearer together than is conceivable with more rangy Sativas. The plant can also yield very high with up to 600g/m2. This is surely one of the marijuana strains that can give you amazing experience.

While its flowering period may be lengthy, it has tremendous qualities that make it unique and special among others. In terms of smoking experience, its gives you the quick hitting high, a clear mind, giggly and imaginative. It is a good strain that encourages social cohesion as well as for introspective ones. Pursuing the blues away, having intercourse, making friends laugh, and making workmanship are all prescribed exercises to go with this cannabis strain. You would never go wrong growing this plant at home. All you need to succeed with this plant is to follow its growing instruction promptly, and you are just good to go. Find out more of about amnesia cheese.

Strawberry Haze Seeds price compare:

the Swiss stock and the famous varieties of Mist and Northern Lights. Here is a review about this cannabis strain and check out other cannabis seed bank merchandise. Strawberry Haze Seeds Features:
  • Variety: mostly Sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 63 – 75days
  • Outdoor flowering period: September
  • Height: average, but can grow tall up to 10 feet
  • Climate: indoor and outdoor
  • Harvest time: mostly Mid October
  • Plant’s flavor: candy flavor
  • Plant’s yield: high
  • Plant’s sex: feminized
  • Plant’s flowering time: 9 – 10 weeks
  • 29%
  • THC: 11.02%

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