White Sage Seeds

WHITE SAGE, also known as “Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Afghani X Big Sur Holy strains.


WHITE SAGE stands for ‘Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium’ and that’s just what this weed is; a well-balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid. The parents involved in creating WHITE SAGE seeds are Big Sur Holy, a Sativa dominant strain from California, and a potent Afghani Indica.

WHITE SAGE weed has a woodsy aroma with notes of pine and the flavor packs in lots of fresh herbs and finishes with a sweetish aftertaste. This is one of the most powerful weeds on the market and its careful hybridization means that it combines the soaring cerebral euphoria of a Sativa hit with the more sedative physical effects of an Indica. Medically, WHITE SAGE weed is recommended for stress and poor appetite

With indoor cultivation, WHITE SAGE seeds produce plants that grow to between 120 and 140 centimetres and outdoors they can stretch as tall as three metres. The leaves are a medium green and quite broad and the elongated buds have a frosty coating of sticky crystals. THC content has been measured in the lab at an exceptional 24 percent.

Indoors, the WHITE SAGE strain does best in a soil medium and does well with SOG method, although you’ll need to trim it to keep it in shape. The plants don’t like to be overwatered, so don’t leave them standing in excess water. Flowering time is 10 to 11 weeks and yields are 300 to 350 grams per square metre.

Outdoors, WHITE SAGE seeds need a hot sunny climate and harvest in the northern hemisphere is quite late, usually early November. As the plants stretch so much outdoors, they need support as harvest time approaches.

Growers looking for a strain that combines the best qualities of Sativa and Indica types should give WHITE SAGE seeds a try. Its outstanding potency means that inexperienced smokers can be in for a shock if they smoke too much of this weed too quickly. You might be interested with alaskan thunderfuck seeds.

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This potent bud took home second place overall at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2001 and for very good reason. With heavy effects that are fueled by a super high 19-28% average THC level, WHITE SAGE packs a powerhouse of a smoke that’s perfect for taming the pains and stresses of any more experienced user. The high this strain gives a nice calming high, but don't let the name fool you- it is extremely potent. The balance of Indica and Sativa are well imbued with the White sagey taste. The relaxing feeling of the Indica counterbalances the uplifting quality of the Sativa to create a wonderful high. The harsh smoke create a quick delivery of the medication, causing a strong onset of pleasure that instantly creates a sense peace. Because of these effects and its insanely powerful THC level, WHITE SAGE is often chosen by users to treat conditions such as chronic anxiety or stress, inattentiveness, and chronic migraines or headaches. This bud has a sweet White sage flavor with hints of spicy herbs and pine upon exhale. The aroma is just as delicious, with a lemongrass overtone that’s accented by woody earth and pungent herbs. WHITE SAGE buds have airy forest green nugs with thin golden hairs and a chilly thick covering of minor golden hued precious stone trichomes. If you're interested to know more other seeds, check out amnesia kush. WHITE SAGE SEED FEATURES: Indoor/Outdoors: Indoors or outdoors in a Mediterranean Climate          Height: Medium to Tall THC Level: Up to 24% Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks Plant Type: Sativa/Indica Harvest: Early November Genetics: Big Sur Holy x Afghani Indica        Yield: 300 to 350 gm2 Grow Difficulty: Moderate - Easy

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