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CropKingSeeds is based in Canada and has 100 stores as well as an export facility shipping world wide. Crop King seeds Concentrating on 31 most popular and strongest high yielding strains with a selection of regular or feminized, auto flowering and medical types of classic and new age varieties. If you buy in store or within Canada you will be given a complimentary grinder if you want delivery with Canada mail you will receive your order in Crop King seeds Canada packaging, outside of Canada they arrive packaged within items such as pens or flashlights. Seed types: Indica, Sativa, Low Level CBD, High CBD Strains, Feminized, Auto-Flowering, Dwarf Auto-Flowering, Medical Marijuana Delivery options: Regular shipping - 10-21 days / $10 Express registered with tracking - 5-7 days within North America - $30 or $60 Shipped from: Canada Payment options: Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Wester Union, Paypal and Interac-E (Canada only) Other products available: Merchandise, Storage Products, Clothing Cropking seeds review

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