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Paradise Seeds are based in The Netherlands and has been breeding since the early 80's fine tuning their techniques and experimenting with genetics, only using the finest and most potent strains with sweet tastes to end with what they refer to as 'connoisseur' types of cannabis. Paradise Seeds are organically produced and they work with strict criteria regarding the pollination  ensuring that their pollination rooms are secure and no stray pollen from other male plants find their way into their select stock.  They pride themselves in choosing only the best seeds by hand, and leaving out any premature and non-fertile ones and even then they test them on viability and germination to guarantee you will always get fresh, living seeds that are sure to grow top-quality plants, thats how they have guaranteed 95% germination rate.

Seed types: Indica, Sativa, Feminized, Regular and Auto-Flowering Delivery options: Regular shipping - 10-21 days / $5 Registered mail  within Europe €11 Registered mail outside Europe / €16 Shipped from: Netherlands Payment options: Bank Transfer, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, 3DS Other products available: Merchandise, Accessories Paradise Seeds 10% coupon N52IVG

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