By now you may be well read about the cannabis world and all that this weed can do for you. But are you awarefor the arousing potential that is hidden within it. Yes you heard it right, here you will learn about the best flower strain for sex. There is not one single answer to this because a lot of factors come into the picture. When looking for a strain with great sexual activity here are the factors that you might need to consider. The first one is the kind of sex that you desire, frenzied, slow, parternerd or just solo. What is the reaction of your body to various types of strains. Once you have figured out these two things, then you will need to know about the factors and methods of use or consumption of these strains. Studies have shown that the effects of a vaped flower are different than those of a combusted flower.

Types Of Strains For Various Sexual Experiences


  1. Bubblegum Kush– Passionate And Slow Lovemaking
    The effects of this strain are soft and it creates a unique type of sensual buzz within you. There will be an increased need for touch and the body will spring up with the slightest tactile stimulation. A massage is all you need to get all aroused and ready. The strain has the power to get you a relaxed and long lasting orgasm which is an ultimately peaceful experience. It will leave you in bed relaxed and satisfied.
  2. Sour Diesel- Lustful And Frenzied Sex
    If you are the adventurous type and are looking for some serious activity then you must give Sour Diesel a try.The smoke gives you a rush of excitement that ends in the most frenzied kind of love making that you want to never stop. The craving for sex that isa related is almost irresistible. Touch is exaggerated and pleasurable and the simplest things will begin to feel special. This high energy Sour Diesel is an expeirence that you will never forget.
  3. Girl Scout Cookies- Solo Sex
    Girl Scout cookies are the perfect choice for those looking for some fun time all alone. It ensures a great experience at masturbation and also gives you the right options if you cannot have partnered sex due to any reason. A dose of Girl Scout cookies and your wildest imaginationI will come true in front of your eyes. The experiece is tangiable and almost real. Many times the user may not even get the time to have an orgasm. The prolonged experience and sheer thrill ends in a relaxed and calm state. The strain willensure that you can have your share of fun whenever you feel like it and also grant you the best ever experience.
  4. Harlequin-Early Morning Sex
    Early morning activity is something that a lot of people prefer but this wishI gets weighed down by the hectic routines of a 9 am job start. This is just  the right place to bring in Harlequin. This CBD rich strain gives you the high you are looking for along with a clear head. It does not couch lock you. Instead you feel energised and fresh. So leave that big cup of coffee that you pick up for the morning kick start and try Harlequin instead.
  5. Jillybean-Creative Lovemaking
    Jillybean is a creative strain that ensures a relaxed and uplifted mood. The effects are such that you caincorporated and experiment with new things when having sex. The act of love making can be made fun by trying out new positions and introducing things like role play and sex talk.Jillybean will give you the confidence boost that you have been looking for to try out that hot dress. You will also find yourself asking your partner to try out something new. The act that ensues will be surely kinky and super creative. The jellybean effect is surely going to make you come back for more and explore newerlevels of experimentaiton with each other.

These are the five classic strains for different types of sex. So choose your type and get experimenting. As you are having fun with these cannabis strains, You may even be able to discover things that are not mentioned here.

May 9, 2018

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