Top 10 Best Indoor marijuana seeds 2019

The advantage of growing indoors strains is that you have complete control over all factors of plant growth, the water, nutrients, heat, light, airflow etc, so when managed right you can achieve a better crop in a shorter time space than you would outdoors. This goes especially for lighting, as grow lights allow your plant to benefit from an intense light source for the maximum ‘daytime’ life, which is not possible when growing outdoors. With these great factors in mind you can get a denser bud that has a higher resin content within a compact bush. Indoors you will also find that there are less pests. So lets recommend you some great indoor beauties with our current Top 10 seeds to grown indoors.

Critical Mass Seeds

Critical Mass is Another massive budded lovely the Critical Mass has such weighty buds its been known to actually break its own branches! A noteworthy THC level of 19-22% which is impressive for such a large budded strain. She is an easy grow indoor marijuana as well as out, with a Kushy Cola taste that will leave you a full body buzz as well as leaving you feeling creative and focused but relaxed rather than energetic, an interesting combination! She is often chosen by migraine and nausea sufferers as well as Insomniacs alike.




Amnesia Haze Seeds

Amnesia Haze is Worth any efforts of the longer flowering period of 10-11 weeks, the Amnesia Haze has super potent THC levels of up to 25% so you will really reap what you sow. She is also surprisingly a Haze that has mellow effects that are quite well rounded so you wont be knocked out flat but will get a massive euphoric rush and a long lasting high. An easy grow for any level of growing experience this Sativa dominant variety will not disappoint.


Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is A fruity berry cross between a Blueberry and Haze the Blue Dream can happily grow indoors for those who have enough space for her gargantuan stature as she grows like a tree but will give you massive sweet buds which are fruity and dank and so sticky they look silver. The yield will be a dream to a cash crop lover! She has a sweet berrylike taste and a nice THC content of up to 24% so an all around star. Her smooth smoke is very light on the inhale and a lovely balanced body buzz and a quick cerebral high.


Royal Cheese Seeds

Royal Moby seeds

Royal Moby is A great option for those who are looking for a high plant/yield ratio, the Royal Moby which is grown in a sea of green setting its possible to achieve up to 600g/m2. She can happily handle a large amount of fertilizers without being overfed and its also a viable option for those who want to use a hydro set up such as the DWC. She gets her name after Moby Dick as you will get an incredibly huge Sativa high, also can grow to up to 2m indoors, so that’s why its good for those maybe only wanting a couple of plants that will give you a load of buds. The Royal Moby has a floral sweet taste with a spicy undertone.


Private: Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer is A very pungent strong smelling spicy Sativa popular for those wanting a clear headed high leaving you skipping with happiness and good for sufferers of depression and anxiety as your cares leave you with the inhale of the sweet grapefruit smoke. It has been said that you also don’t get a come down, so its good for daytime use. Best grown by those with a little experience with large Sativa dominant strains, you can achieve high quality buds and good yields, but she can be a little leggy so best if you have some ceiling space to let her go as she cant be held back!



Maple Leaf Indica Seeds

Maple Leaf is great Afgani bud which is super resin coated and fat the Maple Leaf is a fast grower and flowering in 6-7 weeks. Her colas are full of big buds and can actually be topped early and then left to form a muti-branching plant, with a mass of trichomes that are creamy and transparent which is said to be a sign that the CBD levels are superiorly high. She is sweet as her name and her Indica powers will overtake you and have some nice aphrodisiac qualities, but if taken in abundance will put you to sleep!


Big Bud Seeds

Big Bud , Apart from the obvious big buds that the Big Bud will give you, she is a cup winner getting first prize in the mostly Indica category in the second High Times Cannabis cup in 1989. Such a resinous beauty even when cured they are so sticky they form large clumps! The Big Bud will give you a big body punch without much mental stimulation so good for a lazy high and when wanting to relax, being recommended by those suffering from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. Best for night time use obviously and therefore good for insomnia sufferers also. It’s a grapey dank taste with a little haze undertone coming from its Haze as well as Skunk heritage. Can be topped and bended to get more width and less height in growth stages, and will give you a good yield in 7-8 weeks.

Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Master Kush Feminized is Tasty and super stinky the Master Kush is a short sticky bush so real good for indoor growing and recommended for those liking to make their own hash, giving some real old school flavour of Hindu Kush in a new contemporary feminized strain. When growing the smell she gives off is very earth like so its been reported that it can be well disguised. She will give you an almost couch locked experience.



Ancient OG Seeds

Blue Cheese is Doing well in a Sea of Green environment the Blue Cheese will flower in around 8-10 weeks so you can get a few harvests per year, with nice pungent cheese buds. The name is not from actual Blue Cheese but rather that being a cross between a Blue Berry and a Cheese. She has a very dense bud structure and needs some effort to break up and really need a grinder. Whilst growing you smell the fruity side of her heritage but when broken up she releases her cheesey powers. A pungent smoke that will leave you coughing if you take too much you will be given a euphoric high as well as physically relaxed, and certainly hungry!

White Widow Seeds

White Widow, A legend in her own right the White Widow deserves some respect for her off the charts resin production. A sativa dominant strain you can expect some powerful energising effects from her. The buds are slighlty cone shaped and quite fluffy, easily broken up by hand, even if they are so sticky, and release a hashy odour. She has been said to do well when the growing tips are kept under netting only allowing the flowering heads to grow vertically, with one grower managed to get a 180 gram harvest! Typically you will get around 18oz per m2 indoors with an easy manageable medium sized bush.