Cannasos  Is a cryptocorrency, that like other cannabis related ICO’s  , rides on the cannabis/marijuana legalization “gold Rush” that we witness in the past few years. The founders of this ICO are well known figures in the established cannabis world, from  growers to growing  products (fertilizers, Led brands, growing tents)  importers and exporters. These business men and women recoignized the vast potential of the virtual coin and the unbreakable connection to the cannabis “gold Rush” frantic and decided to create a bridge that enables companies and consumers to communicate and trade freely without institutionalized establishments (the big bad banks).

The legalization of the marijuana industry takes a bit longer then expected effects all the marijuana online and offline businesses “making all US-based cannabis businesses illegal on the Federal level.” as   Cannasos say in their whitepaper, they decided to step in and be the mediator between consumers and business owners.

the presale already started but its still running and looks like the reached the second phaze of the presale:

worth checking them out.



December 31, 2017

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