Dabbing, also referred to as ear wax, honeycomb or budda is to inhale the vapor of pure butane gas oil which is extracted from marijuana and is a waxy yellow substance containing high levels of THC. The THC is collected by pouring butane over the marijuana which allows the THC to leave the plant and dissolve into the butane. To inhale in this concentrated manner you get a much faster and stronger hit, if you imagine that a marijuana joint as about 15% THC whereas the oil is between 60-90%! Its been around since the 1970’s and the name came about during the first method of use which was to dab the oil on a heated surface and to directly inhale the vapor. Nowadays people are using the oil in their vaporizers.

Doesnt emit strong odor associated with marijuana, fast acting, less lung damage than smoking

Can contain high levels of Butane which some people have reactions to, more expensive form of use, not for people needing CBD as this contains THC only

April 3, 2016

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