In a few years, Medical Cannabis has received a vast media coverage due to its rigorously tested uses for many diseases. But the most rare study that has not yet tasted the limelight is the use of cannabis in treating Diabetes.

Diabetes was the direct cause of 1.6 million deaths around the globe. The number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing day by day and it is difficult to control and prevent diabetes. There are various studies that research about new ways to change this difficulty to an ease and among these studies there are a few who discuss about the therapeutic potential of cannabis for diabetes. We have mentioned the 5 studies on the same.

Cannabis Use for Diabetes
Cannabis Use for Diabetes
  1. Preventing Pain associated with Diabetes, through Cannabis: A study under the American Pain Society in 2015 states that when 16 patients with peripheral neuropathy were introduced with four different dosing sessions of inhaled cannabis between 1-7% of THC level, it helped these patients to reduce neuropathic pain associated with diabetes.
  2. Using Cannabinoid Receptors in treating Diabetes: A study issued under the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology in 2011 talks about the relationship between the metabolic disorder of diabetes and activation of cannabinoid receptors. According to the research, the activation of cannabinoid receptors through the ingestion of CBD had a positive reaction on the retard Beta cells of the body, the cells that when damaged can lead to diabetes.
  3. Cannabis and Diabetes Regularity: A paper published under the Epidemiology Centre of Cambridge in 2015 shows that ingesting a certain amount of Cannabis can protect people from diabetes. This finding was based on a collective review of many health survey results.
  4. Reducing the Risk of Diabetes through Cannabis: A study was conducted by the Journal of Diabetes Research in 2016, in which the researchers surveyed about 20,000 people suffering from Type-2 Diabetes.  The research shows that the regular cannabis user has less risk of having diabetes.
  5. Reducing the Risk of Liver Disease due to Diabetes by using Cannabis: Recent PLoS One study of 2017 surveyed thousands of Diabetic patients with Liver Disease found that the patients who admitted to taking a regular dose of Cannabis were found to have 52% less widespread of the Liver Disease when compared to the non-users.

Even with these impressive findings, the research is not enough to establish this relationship clearly. The researchers might have to delve into the subject to determine the correlation more effectively. Till then, the prescribed medications are the perfect solution to Diabetic management.

December 23, 2017

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