While buying Cannabis at a shop, you might have noticed the breakup of strains into 3 categories; Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. But this gets confusing, if you don’t know the actual difference between them. The topic that has always remained as a debate, ‘Is there any difference between Indica and Sativa seeds?’ In theory, there is no difference between them as all Cannabis are considered to be Cannabis Sativa but practically, Strains from Indica dominant cannabis and sativa dominant cannabis are many and varied.

  • Origin: Marijuana plants grow all over the world. But the origins can be traced back to a certain areas. While Indicas origin from the Hindu Kush region of the Middle East, now known as Afghanistan, Morroco, Turkey, Sativas origin from areas near to the equator like Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia.


  • Physical Appearance: Indica is a short plant which grows in between 6ft to 8ft. Its short wide fingered marijuana leaves are dark green coloured with a tint of purple. At maturity, the leaves start getting even more darker. These plants have short branches with thick and dense marijuana buds that mature early. In contrast, Sativa plants are tall that grow between 6ft to 25ft with light green coloured, long and thin fingered leaves. These marijuana plants have longer branches and looks like a conical christmas tree. The size of the plant plays an important role in amount of the harvest. Therefore, Sativa yields more harvest as compared to Indica. Sativa yields around 3 ounces to 1 pound, while Indica only yields about 1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant.


  • Flowering Time: Flowering time indicates the amount of time the plant takes to complete a growth cycle and produce buds. The Sativas take more time to mature. The Sativas take about 10 to 16 weeks while the Indicas take 8 to 12 weeks, varies according to the geographical locations.


  • The Buds: Sativa buds are long and thin. Although being longer in length, sometimes even being 3ft in or more along the branch, they are far less densely populated when compared to the Indicas. The stomas which bear the flowers, may be slightly purple when grown in a cool climate and turn dark orange or even red, in a warmer environment. The Sativa buds smell sweet, fruity and perfumed and their smoke is generally smooth and intense, making it easy to inhale. The marijuana buds of Indica vary in colour from dark green to purple, just like its leaves. Cooler conditions make these colours more intense and it has less trouble in maturing under the cool conditions. The buds smell stinky, pungent. It gives out thick smoke and not as smooth as Sativa.


  • The High: The Indicas have an overall effect on the body as they produce an intensely relaxing sensation making the consumer to be ‘couch locked.’ In contrast, Sativas are more likely to produce a feeling of exhilaration, this experience is also referred as ‘head high’. The Sativas effect is more cerebral than physical, making the highs pole apart.


  • Benefits: Both the strains have been proven for relieving pain, nausea and loss of appetite, but they both have their own unique efficiencies. Indica is said to relieve from insomnia and anxiety and Sativa is said to relieve from fatigue, depression and other mood disorders.


  • Availability: Indicas are available in abundance because they are easier and quick to grow. Considering that marijuana is legal only in few countries, there are people who grow in private and illegally. Thus making Indica an easier choice of plant.

99.9% of strains available are hybrid. The utilization of selective breeding has lead to a wide range of strains, each possessing unique qualities and effects on the users. They are either more ‘Indica-leaning’ or ‘Sativa-leaning’ but ultimately they have characteristics of both.

Image Source: bestfriendsamsterdam.com

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October 9, 2017

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