Every new thing that you start demands you to learn and explore all about it. When you are growing marijuana, organic and probiotic methods are the latest methods. These not only help you to get a good crop but also benefit Mother Nature and this planet you live on. So take pride in learning all about it.

Marijuana growers are taking utmost care to prepare their hybrid plants by combining best of strains in order to achieve the best quality cannabis. All of this effort is wasted if your classic strain were to be drenched in pesticides and chemicals to grow them. Here comes the role of organic and probiotic marijuana growing and plant nurturing methods.

How To Grow Organic Marijuana

There are around 15 states that allow legal growing of marijuana. So people residing in these states, can begin the process by obtaining two basic things Soil and materials from Hydroponics shops and cannabis seeds. Novice growers may be suggested to use fertilizers and pesticides to get a good crop. In addition non soil growing mediums may also be recommended. All these are just good for the business of the shops but for the consumers, it is just extra cost incurred. There are organic shops that offer new safe organic growing methods along with the conventional synthetic products. Many users are not aware of the fact that the results obtained by using synthetic fertilizers is the same and may be less as compared to the plants that are grown by organic methods.

Growing Organic Marijuana
Growing Organic Marijuana

Step 1: Preparing The Soil

The soil preparation is the most essential part before growing organic cannabis. The soil to be used should be clean and viable. The organic nutrients that can be added to richen the soil are- compost, pumice, perlite, earthworm castings, fish emulsion etc. All these make the soil rich and act as food for the cannabis plant when it grows. Depending on your expertise level, you can add these yourself to the soil or just buy the organic fortified soil pre mixed. Pre mixed soils are a boon for novice growers as they do not need ph adjustments. You can also think of adding substances like coconut shavings, calcium etc to make the soil more absorbent for water retention when growing cannabis in hot outdoor climates.

Step 2: Optimum Growing Conditions

Once the soil has been enriched, the next important step is achieving good growing conditions. This includes the right temperature, optimum light, humidity, ventilation and proper air flow to the plants. These are most important for outdoor growing of cannabis. For gardeners who grow their plants indoors, the right kind of light exposure- broad light spectrum. The temperature preferred is cool rather than hot and humid.

The climatic conditions when grown indoors or in a greenhouse have to be optimum so that the plants are able to sustain. A rich soil will provide all the adequate nutrients to the plant. So rather than considering each factor separately, you must maintain all pre requisites in a way that the eco system for cannabis growing is achieved.

Organic Marijuana Nutrients
Organic Marijuana Nutrients

Step 3: Feeding The Plant

The plant has to primarily be fed with the correct water. One should avoid using tap water because the water from municipal supply contains high amounts of fluoride and chemicals that can kill the bacteria present in the soil.

Apart from water, the cannabis plants also need nutrients like carbon dioxide, phosphorous, nitrogen, calcium etc. Organic pre mixed soils do not need extra nutrients as they are already present. This helps the growers as daily additions can be avoided and the plant can thrive by itself within the rich soil.

Step 4: Supplements

Richen the soil by adding organic supplements like compost teas which tend to be very useful in organic growing of cannabis. These teas increase the soil microorganisms which in turn helps to fight pathogens and converts them into nutrients. This process also aids in eliminating plant diseases.

The soil can also be enriched using mycorrhizal fungi. The relation of this healthy fungi with the soil can increase the uptake of water and nutrients from the soil into the plants. This can be added when the seed is sown and it will ensure a smooth growing and blooming phase.

Step 5: Pest Control

Addition of pest control remedies to the soil at the beginning is enough to take care of the pests for all types of cannabis plants. There is no need to add synthetic chemicals after that.

March 23, 2018

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