You know when they say “its 4:20 somewhere in the world” just as an excuse to roll up a good joint? Guess what, no need for excuses today. roll them, eat them, inhale them, vape them and more important have fun  while doing it cause its 4/20 ALL DAY LONG BABY (and part of the night).

We, the team of  would like to wish you all, Marijuana seeds growers, enthusiasts, collectors and experts out there a HAPPY 4:20 DAY!!!!

And if by any chance someone out there forgot about the worlds Cannabis DAY, to these beautiful free spirit, tree huggers, children of love , God damn stoners, Hey “Its always 4:20 somewhere in the world”!

Image result for happy 4/20

and for next year’s 4/20 be prepared, get yourself some marijuana seeds, by next year you’ll harvest your joy!

April 20, 2017

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