If you think that harvesting your crop was the last deal you had to look into then you are wrong. Curing and drying your harvested crop is equally important as growing your weed. Many people use the technique of drying through microwave. Now this technique is super fast but is the best way to prepare these buds? Actually, no. Although being fastest technique, it does not cure the buds correctly to accomplish the best results out of your harvest. The most important factor to take into note is that these plants should be kept away from light after the maturity.

Preparing your crop for Curing through Drying

For drying, you should use a space equivalent to your yield. Depending on the yield, you would like to select the size of the space you can use to dry them. If you have a smaller yield, you can use a cardboard box or a closet and for bigger yield a smaller room or regular sized. But be cautious, if you have prying landlords or neighbors then you might get in trouble as these produce will have a strong smell while drying up. Keep the doors and windows closed in the drying area along with a regular cleaning.

Another thing that you should be worried about is mold and mildew which can easily destroy your whole crop is not paid close attention. These mold and mildew tend to grow on the whole crop is not removed on time.

Tips to avoid the smell while drying

Some people, while the crop is drying, takes up chemical cleaning task so that the smell of the chemical overpowers the smell of the drying crop. Also, you can try to paint your garden chairs or your yard.

Drying Cannabis Ventilation
Drying Cannabis Ventilation

Tips to avoid mold and mildew

Make sure that the place that you use to dry these buds have enough space for ventilation. Even if you keep the the doors and windows closed, you can always have a fan and check everyday for mold and mildew.

When you can finally snap the twig of buds, your produce is ready for cure!

The Curing

To begin the curing process, majority of people use brown paper bags. But if you live in a dry area, you can avoid this step. But always keep in mind, never use a plastic bag as they help the buds to form mildew and mold. Simply place the all your buds in a brown paper bag and remember to mix them at least once in a day while keeping an close eye for mold and mildew. After your buds pass the snap test, put them loosely in glass jars till they are each ⅔ full. Then close the lid a little loose to allow a little air inside. The air breaks the sugar, making the smoke smoother.

A few weeks are enough for these buds to cure. Cure further if you love a very smooth smoke. Test smoke a batch to know if they are there yet and if your experience has the same effect as you have when smoking weed that is purchased from outside.

January 23, 2018

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