Alaskan Thunder Fuck Seeds


Alaskan ThunderfuckSeeds might sound a little odd but post germination, the plant conceived is considered to be one of the rarest variants of weed ideal for growing in the north. It is also popular for its unique high and long-lasting effects. The high THC (16% – 23%) and low CBD (0.8%) content feels like being hit by a freight train! It was created by mixing the genes of North American sativa with Russian ruderalis and later

Breeder: Sagarmatha Seeds
Genetics: North American Sativa + Afghani x Russian Ruderalis
Sativa/Indica: 50% / 50%
Climate: Cold / /
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks /October
Harvest month: October
THC: 16 % - 23% High
Yield: 16 oz per sq. Mt/32 oz per plant
Height: Tall
Effесt: Happy, hard-hitting
CBD: Moderate 0.82%

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Seeds for Sale:

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26 Reviews

per seed

26 Reviews

per seed

17 Reviews
10 USD

per seed

15 Reviews
22 USD

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