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Mandala 1 Seeds. This strain is a cross breed of a South African highland sativa with a NZ Purple Indica and a North Indian Sativa. It can be grown in all environments, whether indoors, outside or in the greenhouse. It is  compact plant with branches growing upwards rather than out. The bud heads give the plant a pear shaped bush. While growing the plant gives off a raspberry/menthol smell and the buds which are highly resinous, when cured have a sweet appley fragrance. Its a quick grower and flowers in only 50 days. The effects are relaxant but also uplifting without any heart racing unpleasant effects. Its a good strain for anxiety reduction and depression. Mandala 1 Seeds Variety: Sativa/Indica Climate: Indoors/Outdoors/Greenhouse Sex: Regular Flowering time: 50 days Harvest month: Sept/Oct THC: High up to 18-21% up to 1% CBG Yield: High Height: Medium

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