Auto Blueberry Strain is a short, fast blossoming Indica- dominant strain. It is a cosmopolitan strain known for excellent quality that is undisputable. The presence of Blueberry in the strain is evident in the aroma, taste, colour and appearance makes it unique and different from other strains. With 11.02 % level of THC, 1.29 % level of CBD and 0.48 % level of CBN, Auto Blueberry seeds is a moderate plant with a real potential and it remains one of the best strains. Its performance is excellent when planted under the right conditions in outdoor and indoor climates, especially Mediterranean climates. It takes ten weeks from seedtime to harvest, and it remains one of the fastest growing strains in the world.   FEATURES OF AUTO BLUEBERRY SEEDS: Yield: Slightly above average output THC: 11.02% Variety: Indica/Sativa/ Ruderalis Automatic Flowering Flowering Time: 70 days [Approximately ten weeks] Climate: Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Planting

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