Diamond Girl Seeds

Breeder: Greenhouse Seed Co.
Genetics: Skunk x NL x Haze x Early pearl a.k.a. Silver Pearl
Sativa/Indica: 40% / 60%
Climate: Greenhouse / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Harvest month: end of Sep
THC: 14.99% High
Yield: up to 750 gr/m2 indoor, up to 900 gr/plant outdoor up to 750 gr/m2 indoor, up to 900 gr/plant outdoor
Effесt: A fast hitting indica, with a very relaxing attitude. Mild, long lasting.
CBD: Low 0.17%

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Diamond Girl Seeds. This is a high yielding strain giving you are 750gms/sqm in the right environment. An Indica dominant variety it has good levels of THC, CBD and also CBG, which give you fast hitting effects that leave you with a long lasting mild relaxing effect. Ready in approx 52 days his strain was previously known as the Silver Pearl which originated off a Coffeeshop menu. It is a sturdy bush with an Xmas tree shape and is tolerant to temperature as well as being resistant to disease and mould. A good choice for beginners as an easy grown with high yields. Diamond Girl Seeds Variety: Indica dominant Climate: Indoors/Outdoors and also SoF, SCRoG and LST Sex: Regular Flowering time: 47-57 days Harvest month: Sept THC: 14.99% CBD: 0.17% CBG: 0.38% Yield: Up to 750 gms/sqm Height: Medium

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