Climate: / Indoors /
Flowering time: 56 days
THC: 15-20%

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Dumpstar seed is believed to have originated from Ohio, United States of America. It is relatively known for its dense, solid, resin-soaked buds, dumpster has a light green colour and have earthy, skunky smells mixed with sweet berries .The aroma comes with the flavour with traces of berry and earthy spiciness. Its effect on the user is often characterised with the calmness of nerves. Its ability to be resistant to fungus infection is a big plus to this strains but vulnerable to mold due to the high amount of resin. Its performance is good when grown in a place where it is allowed to stretch itself. Its flowering period is completed within 60 days, and Dumpstar strain can bring out excellent yields when all conditions for planting are in beautiful shape. It is also used to treat insomnia, stress and appetite loss.   FEATURES OF DUMPSTER SEEDS Variety: Indica THC Level: 15-20% Yield: Medium – High Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

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