Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 40-45 days
THC: 10%
Yield: 450 gr/m2 450 gr/m2
Height: 100-180cm

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EARLY SPECIAL SEED Early Special is a strong yielder with a low-moderate T.H.C. level. It has a smooth semi fruity taste which can be enhanced under good growing and curing conditions. Early Special has vigorous flowering in good conditions and is disease resistant. This strain is very suitable for beginners.   EARLY SPECIAL SEEDS FEATURES:  Plant type: Best suitable for outdoor growing. Plant height: Short- Mostly Indica Stoned or high?: Stoned- Indica Body Buzz THC level: Moderate 5-10% Flowering Weeks: 7/8weeks Yield (Sea of Green on one m2) : 400 Harvest Month: 7th month Grow difficulty: Moderate

It wasn’t so long ago that outdoor growers with short summers were unable to grow Skunks and other powerful hybrids to their full potential. To avoid poor weather at the end of outdoor season (which could cause fungus problems in extra-dense Skunk buds) growers in cool-climates were usually forced to harvest their most exotic plants before flowering reached its peak.

Early special was created to address this problem, and has been providing northern growers with the perfect solution to their dilemma ever since. The influence of the Pearl parent allows Early special to finish weeks earlier than other Skunkand greatly increases the strain’s resistance to mould and fungus.

Indica features dominate the growth pattern, giving a solid, resin-encrusted flower formation and massive yields

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