Breeder: Dr. Greenthumb
Sativa/Indica: / Mostly Indica
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors

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FREEDOM 35 SEEDS    The seeds will produce both female and male plants. The female plants will grow about five feet tall and produce a large central bud with minimal side branches. If pollinated by a male plant, the bud will fill with seeds. If not exposed to male pollen, the bud will produce about 8-12% CBD and only very little THC. You could smoke these buds for pain relief but you won’t get high. For best medicinal benefit I would recommend making water hash or another extract from these buds. FREEDOM 35 SEEDS FEATURES: Potency - 8/10 Taste - 10/10 Sweet, chocolate taste Smell - 8/10 Musky with some pepper spicy smell Bud density - 7/10 Yield - 6.5/20 - Yielded 17 grams dried weight on 12 inch plant High - 9/10 Head high, feels like a sativa smoke Duration - 9/10 3 hours CBD: 8-12%    

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