Breeder: Karma Genetics
Genetics: Happy Brother x Happy Brother BX1
Flowering time: 70 days

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HAPPY BROTHER SEED This is a amazing full indica strain, Creating nice beginner plants with wide leaves which do not need any support in flower, react good to topping. Amazing both indoor and outside with both indica and sativa an being medium in height an medium in time of outlet. The Happy Brother is known to produce decent buds under even a small amount of light, Just 400 watts can stimulate enough growth to please any grower, breeder or smoker. It won’t be a large yielder, but the buds you do get will be hefty, and don’t shrink when dried. Your crop will be stocky, with thick branching and wide leaves, making it unnecessary to give plants any additional support in the flowering stage. They should finish anywhere between 9 and 11 weeks, depending on your lighting cycles or the climate. Happy Brother flowering period is after 70 days from the day it was planted. It was developed for an indoor upbringing and develops a yield and height that are medium in size. It needs a moderate amount of water to survive.Its not really a big yielder but it has the capability to resist from insects and diseases. When this strain is in full blossom, it will develop buds that are hard as a rock that doesnt reduce in size even if dried. The smoke and taste can never be described to any other strain since it is very unique. Every ganja lover will adore this strain. HAPPY BROTHER SEEDS FEATURES:   Type: Regular Climate: Indoor Flowering: 70 Days Yield: Low Height: Medium Indica/Sativa: Hybrid Effect: Amaizing High Flavour: Only one of its Kind THC Level: Medium Growing: Easy Potency: THC 17%

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