Critical 47 Seeds

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Critical 47 Seeds is an appropriate cross between a pair of the sweeter strain available on the planet; Strong mango and peach flavor and taste. A prizewinner of several Spanish cannabis competitions, Critical 47 is the strain to get if you are on the lookout for an attractive plant with a powerful, medicinal body stone as well as a taste which will surely raise the eyebrows of perhaps the veteran cannabis smokers. Critical 47’s high penetrates profoundly, melting away, stress, aches and painful sensations. It’s highly potent and often Indica high, cerebral, and boosts appetite. Critical 47 Seeds Details: Type:               Indica (dominant) Location:        Outdoor, Indoor Height Indoor:           70cm Height Outdoor:        100-120cm Flowering Time:        7 - 8 Weeks from seed to harvest Available as:               Feminized seeds THC:                            15 - 18% Harvest Time (Outdoor): Late September

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