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Dr.Who Seeds. This is a mix of a Mad Scientist and a timewreck, coming up with the cleve name of Dr.Who which encompasses both these things! The plant is strong and particularly resistant to powdery mildew. The bush has lovely purple buds that can be both either fingery or round depending on the phenotype. The taste from this Indica dominant plant is a sweet and sour almost grapey taste and gives you an uplifting creative cerebral high and the high THC levels give you appetite stimulation as well as relief from Nausea, depression and anxiety. It is a good daytime smoke as it does not sedate you but rather gives you a clear head pick up. Dr.Who Seeds Variety: Indica dominant Climate: Indoors/Outdoor Sex: Regular Flowering time: 56-63 days Harvest month: Sept THC: High Yield: Good Height: Medium

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