Original U.K. Cheese seeds

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Original U.K. Cheese Seeds is an old but relevant strain delivering high yields of very hardy buds. It offers great vegetative growth, and her Skunk family gives you an extensive terminal cola with compact, thick nugs on lateral branches. With the special Cheese flavor and taste, this is a detailed mix of mouth-watering, undeniable flavor. We recommend the Original Cheese to all fans of extremely pungent Skunk. It comes with powerful head high and a relaxing finish.  Original U.K. Cheese Seeds Details:  Type: Mostly Indica Location: Indoors, Outdoors Finished Height: 24" to 30." Indoor Yield (g/m²) SOG: 350 to 400 g Flowering: ~63 days Plant height: 4' to 6.' Finish: October Taste: Deep, Pungent, Earthy    

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