KC33 cannabis seeds

Breeder: K.C. Brains
Genetics: Afghani x Haze x Ukrainian strain
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 6-9 weeks
Harvest month: end of September
THC: 20-22%
Height: 100 cm indoors, 3.75 meters outdoors
CBD: Low 0-1%

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KC 33 Seeds is a whole new Sativa/Indica durable cannabis strain of Thai and Brazil. Her ancestors provided her with certain characteristics of a regular weed. KC33 cannabis seeds are quite resistant to plague and mushrooms and very tolerant to irrigation. Its blooms are relatively small with a lemon-fresh taste. Medications prepared from this marijuana seed has lower CBD and higher THC content which provides an even more clear-headed, energized effect. Kc 33 Seeds Details: Breeder:    KC Brains Sex:    Feminized Variety:    Mostly Sativa THC Content:     Very High (20-22%) Grows:     Indoors, Outdoors Yield:    High Harvest Month:    End of September  

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