LowBerry seeds

Breeder: Dutch Breed
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 67 days
THC: 17-23%

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LowBerry Seeds is a 100% auto-flowering blueberry unique to Dutch Breed. A cross of a Joint Doctor Lowryder male and blueberry mother simply inbred creates a perfect cannabis strain that smells more of blueberry than the initial complete auto-flowering. LowBerry Seeds is often cultivated under 24 hrs continuous lighting and stays short just like the LR2 and Masterlow larger than LR1.  Lowberry Seeds Details:  Strain Type:    Blueberry Strains    Ruderalis Strains Seed Type:    Regular Seed Flowering Type:    Auto-Flowering Indica / Sativa Profile:      Indica Dominant Environment:    Greenhouse, Outdoor, Indoor Yield    Average: Yield THC level:     Strong 17-23% Flavor:        Earthy, Fruity, and Floral Strength:    Normal  

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