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PSYCHOSIS SEEDS is a very famous clone only strain. It came from the founders of the UK Exodus Cheese. It has an excellent resin production when it is three weeks old.  It is also called the Exodus Psychosis. It grows with a Sativa like architecture. It is a perfect cross breed between Querkle and Urkle. It is bred from a dark purple male with the exodus cut of psychosis. It covers itself with resin when it is just three weeks old. It then starts coating itself through its nine weeks flowering period. It is well grown outdoors with a moderate climatic condition. It has a complex aroma that most people describe as a combination of classic skunk and grape.  It has a very distinctive lime color with light orange-brown hairs. It will start to grow tall after six weeks, but it doesn’t rise to alarming heights. It is thick with crystals, and the buds are compact and hard loaded with crystals. Psychosis Seeds features: Variety: Sativa crossbreed Sex: Regular hybrid Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks Harvest time: Sept/Oct Height: Medium THC Level: High

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