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Alaskan Ice Strain is a hybrid Sativa dominant marijuana strain that has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 30/70 percent. It is made by crossing Green House White Widow with Pure Haze. It has frosty green colored buds that have white crystals and golden yellow colored hair. It can be grown both, indoors and outdoors. Find out more cannabis seed bank reviews. ALASKAN ICE SEEDS FEATURES: Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid Yield: Medium to Heavy; Flowering Time Required: between 63 and 70 days; Cross: Haze x White Widow THC: 21.49% CBD: 1.05% Indoor/Outdoors: Indoors or outdoors Harvest: Mid October Height: Medium-Tall

As a strain with one of the highest levels of THC, this Sativa-dominant cross offers one of the most potent highs. This American West Coast Haze plant is a Mexican, Columbian and Thai cross. The strains heritage combines the frosty White Widow mother with the qualities of the equatorial Sativa Haze father.

Alaskan Ice, a renowned marijuana strain delivers an impressive amount of resin. Similar to the White Widow mama, this strain grows heavy with diamond like crystals which create a perfectly beautiful white tint, causing your fingers to stick together in no time once you hold the buds.

Alaskan Ice, the cannabis strain has a highly spicy aroma that is similar to the aroma of cedar mixed with black pepper, along with the hint of forest moss in the back. This cannabis strain may carry a little pungent, bitter taste in the first puff. However, it soon gives way to a fresh and pleasant natural sandalwood flavor on the palette.

The Alaskan Ice strain grows to an approximate height of 5 feet, but if grown indoors. However, it can reach to an impressive height of 9 to 10 feet when the strain is grown outdoors, under natural sunlight. When grown outdoors, the Alaskan Ice strain flowers in approximately 9 weeks, in a long season when the temperature is warm and even. Once these plants mature, they acquire a substantial crystal coating which resembles the beautiful unscathed winter snow, thus giving symbolizing its name. You can buy Alaskan Ice seeds online.

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