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EARLY DURBAN SEED Early Durban is one of the most renowned outdoor marijuana strains in the world. Early Durban has typical sativa growth patterns and can grow to be quite a large plant. The plant will finish outside usually in early October, but can be grown easily indoors. The end product has a gentle cerebral sativa effect and tastes of aniseed. It is the perfect strain for insomnia and pain relief working like an analgesic, numbing the whole body.   EARLY DURBAN SEEDS FEATURES:  Taste/SmellSweet, earthy, aniseed, skunk Flowering Time8 weeks Yield500g m/2 + Type: Â Regular Climate: Indoor/outdoor Flowering: 8 weeks Yield: 450gr/m2 Height: Tall Indica/Sativa: 75% sativa THC17-21% CBD0.1%  

Know that this marijuana strain is yet another hybrid from Seedsman. This time, to be able to crate this wonderful strain, crossing the famous Skunk #1 with the Durban Poison is required. This marijuana strain happens to be the best choice for outdoor growing. Also, the fact that it can also be a good choice for indoor growing is what makes Early Durban one of the growersfavourites.

This strain has a light green colour and laves that are very long and fat. It is able to grow many large buds that are located on the vine like branches.

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