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HIGH TENSION SEEDS The high tension seeds are a Sativa dominant strain and are feminized. They are a blend of Colombian and hybrid genetics. The hybrid genetics include Black Domina, Jack Herer, and Orange bud. High tension seeds are early flowering, and they owe that to the Black Domina component. They can grow well both outdoors and indoors. The High Tension Seeds take about nine weeks to flower. In the northern hemisphere, the seeds become ready for harvest by September if grown outdoors. The THC levels of the strain average at about 15-20% and the CBD levels are unknown. It has an amazing bud to leaf ratio that makes it easy to manicure.


Variety: Mostly Sativa

Height: 4 feet

Climate: Indoor/outdoor

Flavor: Citrus flavor

Sex: Feminized

Flowering time: 65-75 days

Harvest month: September

THC:  15-20%

Yield: 400-500g/m2

Height: Tall

CBD: Unknown

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