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Meta Description: Strawberry haze seed, also known as Arjan’s strawberry haze, it is a strain which is dominated by a sweet sativa with bright green in color and medium-sized that originated from the Swiss stock and the famous varieties of Mist and Northern Lights. Here is a review about this cannabis strain and check out other cannabis seed bank merchandise. Strawberry Haze Seeds Features:
  • Variety: mostly Sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 63 – 75days
  • Outdoor flowering period: September
  • Height: average, but can grow tall up to 10 feet
  • Climate: indoor and outdoor
  • Harvest time: mostly Mid October
  • Plant’s flavor: candy flavor
  • Plant’s yield: high
  • Plant’s sex: feminized
  • Plant’s flowering time: 9 – 10 weeks
  • 29%
  • THC: 11.02%

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