There are many studies that suggest doctors’ support to the use of Medical Marijuana to aid many diseases. The newest addition to this doctor’s family is the Pediatricians. According to a new study by the AAP publications, 92% among the pediatricians who were surveyed, have opted to support medical marijuana in treating Cancer in kids. In the past, recommending medical marijuana has caused a bit of a rift among the pediatricians as many were worried about its effect on the neurocognitive development in children but the perception has changed.

Medical Cannabis Cancer Research
Medical Cannabis Cancer Research

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For the research, a 32-item cross sectional survey was sent in to about 654 pediatrics across Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington, all of them having laws that legalize the use of medical cannabis. The number is quite striking considering that even 8% of these pediatricians claimed in actually recommending medical marijuana to their patients on a frequent basis. The doses are more oral through edible sources.

Over the years, many studies state that physicians have been apprehensive about recommending Medical Marijuana even to adults due to its various side-effects or less scientific data available on the dosage guidelines. According to Prasanna Ananth, one of the doctor in the team of researchers, it can also be possible due to FDA’s regulatory ignorance on Medical Marijuana, completely, unlike other therapeutic drugs. With this problems, the concerns while prescribing medical marijuana to children become grave.

A thorough research should be carried out that help the doctors to have substantial data that can help them to prescribe medical cannabis without any fear. It is important to educate and give out the proper knowledge to types of marijuana and its uses, harm and benefits.

January 11, 2018

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