Other cannabis goodies

We can get a lot of other goodies from the humble cannabis plant. Let take at some well know, and some not so well known.


Hemp Oil skin care

Hemp Oil is very rich and recommended as a treatment for very dry skin  as it is rich is essential fatty acids and gives very long lasting hydration and protection for up to 96 hours. Generally the pure products that haven’t had extra scents added have an earthy musk smell, which you either love or hate. The body shop do a whole Hemp range with products for your hands, feet, lips, body,



deoHemp Deodorant

Some natural deodorants are available containing Hemp and are supposedly good at preventing odor causing bacteria. They are often mixed with other ingredients such as Vitamin E and/or Aloe Vera for skin health as well as essential oil for natural fragrance such as lavender.




9bHemp bars

Along with a lot of other healthy yummy seeds, such as flax, chia, pumpkin, sesame, these bars also have hemp seeds in them. They have a lovely carob chocolate topping and are very rich and filling.






Hemp Milk

When grown organically without pesticides Hemp milk is a great healthy milk alternative that is low in fat, cholestrol free and is fortified with D2 and Calcium. They also say that one glass has the recommended daily amount of omega 3.





Hemp Seeds

Pure Hemp seeds are rich in protein and can be added to cakes, cookies and smoothies as well as sprinkled onto cereal.

June 9, 2016

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