Spannabis 2017 Part II

Spannabis 2017- the sequel

Spannabis 2017 – Day #3

Day Three:

For the third day we had a different goal, the meeting this day was all about what’s the next step. We want to expend our business and explore new fields. we decided that that the third and last day should be all about new ventures and new products. cannabisowl is targeting Marijuana seeds as main business model but we wanted to add new products to make cannabisowl a more rounder and full package service.








We head on to the show, more relaxed and  much more confident. now we need to come up with a new angle and see what can be added to the site that will attract more audience. The idea was simple, this is a show that presents new innovations to the Marijauna world, we wanted new products that are presented for the first time at Spannabis 2017. we got to the show room(s) said quick hello to the people we talked to and started to attack the other booths- Vaporizers, Rolling machines, Growing tents, Growing utilities, small gizmos that makes growers a much easier life.

Third day Tip#1 – Even if its not your core business you can always check out new ventures and new ideas for your existing venture if you keep an open mind.



We had a nice meetings with a few merchants over there that made the extra effort for us to explain their product or service once they knew the potential of working with us. one of them was Kenneth Verkijk from , A good sales man that knows how to present his product. it was a fun and made a huge impression on us. so we decided to buy his product and also  find a way to work with him, but thats on a different post.

another cool product we found Easy Rolls, a nice Gadget for serious growers, we got a few samples and a very interesting explanation. we definitely are going to show this product on our site!

Third day Tip#2-  Listen very carefully to the sales man peetch, you are going to use it later on your site




One important thing occurred to us on the third day, so many products, so many ideas, we need  a way to remember all. Getting a business card is not enough. Get a pen, a notebook or even a calendar with a way to pin the card and write a few Remarks. that way you’ll never have to run through your head and bags for a card and try to remember what was this all about.

Third day Tip#3- when you design a card leave an empty space with white background for the other guy to write on- works very well!!!

the Show ended, sadly every good thing has to end. it was great meeting all these people. WE loved our stay in Barcelona and we loved our experience at Spannabis 2017. we def going to come back next summer At spannabis Madrid!!


Summary and thoughts:

Spannabis 2017 was a great experience for us here at we came here  with a clear objective to get to know the Marijuana seeds industry better, to know the people behind this industry and as important to get them to know us. If we have any intentions to build a name for ourselves and to create a Brand in the cannabis industry, spannabis is the place to do it. Our meeting were effective and we hope to create some productive and hopefully  lucrative cooperation with  all of them.

We set a few goals and we can definitely say that we have reached at least 85% of the goals we set. is first and foremost an online entity, we live breath and eat WWW 🙂 that’s why we were slightly upset when we noticed that in most cases sponsors and merchant at spannabis were targeting customers in the show and not too aware to the online aspects of the show. In the future i would be more than happy to attend to a show that celebrates the Online bloom of cannabis products and approcah the webmasters and site owners that work in this industry.

I totally understand that Marijuan seeds  is a very young industry, in terms of time span. and i do belive that in the near future we will see more and more Shows targeting only online marketers for this industry like they do in the adult entertainment world or the gaming world. i do believe that the members of this community (spannabis merchants in general and a few Seeds banks in specific) will eventually see the potential of cooperating with sites such as and see the commercial potential in it.

Some Merchants do not see the benefits of the affiliates promotion as a viable one, as one said  “our customers come to us anyway, why should i work with affiliates”. on the other hand, another attendant to the show told me that this is his 10th visit to the show “gets bigger each time, more competition each time”, eventually what makes the difference are good partners/affiliates that helps you make your brand Bigger and stronger. Thats where comes in, LETS TALK GUYS!! 🙂



March 15, 2017

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