For cannabis lovers, there can be nothing more satisfying than growing their stock. This is easier said than done because growing cannabis is a highly technical procedure where a lot of care has to be taken about the strain, the temperature and the soil conditions. To add to the difficulty, there are some cannabis strains that are highly difficult to grow and maintain. If you are a beginner then you will love this article as it will tell you all about the easiest cannabis strains that you can start of with.

Things To Keep In Mind When Growing Cannabis

When growing cannabis plants, you need to do your bit of research about the ideal growing conditions for that particular strain. You will have to keep in mind the external factors like humidity levels, climate, temperature, space

for growth of plant, plant diseases like mold and insect infestations, drought, water requirements etc.

For first time growers, the best strain to begin with are autoflowering strains that have a faster budding period and are ready to be harvested in a quick span of 8 weeks. The first harvest is sure to give you a stock of cannabis that is all yours and a whole lot of confidence to try newer strains.

Easiest Cannabis Strains For Beginners

Northern Lights
Northern Lights
  1. Northern Lights: This is an Indica dominant strain that hails from Afghanistan and Thailand is most popular among novice cannabis growers. The plant is medium in height and is ready to harvest in 8 weeks. The effect is a powerful and long lasting high that leaves you feeling relaxed.
  2. Royal Gorilla: Royal Gorilla is a high THC content strain that can be grown very well both indoors and outdoors. The effect is a cough lock knocked feeling owing to the THC content that is as high as 27%. The strain is easy to grow and gives high yields.
  3. Easy Bud: This hybrid strain is a cross between White Indica and autoflowering Ruderalis. It grows easily as the plant is small and is ready for harvest in 9 weeks. The THC content is 12% making it an ideal strain for those who want a easy quick smoke.
  4. White Widow: This. Indica Sativa strain is an ideal strain for new growers as it grows easily in outdoor weather conditions giving yields upto 500 grams per meter square. The taste is citrusy and fresh. The THC levels are 19% and give the users a euphoric high that one cannot miss.
  5. Skunk XL: Skunk is a hybrid strain that has Mexican roots. It is the best strains to begin with as it is very low maintainance and grows both indoors and outdoors. It has a short flowering time of 7-8 weeks. With a 17%THC, it a preferred choice among cannabis users. The sweet and fruity taste is sure to win you over when you harvest your first stock.

These are the easiest cannabis strains that will grow with minimum effort. They do not need complex growing conditions and give encouraging an big yields. Once you smoke these, you can graduate to the more difficult and tricky strains. Till then, enjoy your home grown weed!

February 2, 2018

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