When growing marijuana you have to be serious about your mud as it can make all the difference between a plant that managed to grown to one that thrived and produced a higher yield and a better quality bud. Each plant will have different nutritional requirements during its growth stages and there are many fertilizers in the markets today that can insure that your plant is getting what it needs at the right time. With a little research and effort you will be producing top quality marijuana rather than mediocre.  Firstly you need to decide whether you are growing your plants in a soil, coco coir or in a hydroponic system, as some fertilizer can be used for all but others are for a specific type. When watering is is worth noting that it is easy to over water your plants, but in this case less is indeed sometimes more, and you want the very top of your soil to feel dry not soggy and water logged. The PH level of your root is also important to ensure that your plant is getting the required nutrients, you can get a cheap PH test kit and keep an eye on it and make necessary adjustments if necessary.




June 6, 2016

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