Number One Seeds

Number One seeds are appropriately named, being a fast growing generous yielding cannabis plant with a super high that both energises and relaxes. It's a favourite cannabis strain at Flash Seeds. The


This amazing indica dominant strain is mass creator of excellent quality plants. Developed by Flash seeds by crossbreeding Stitch 0.1 x White widow x Nepal, Number One marijuana strain is an absolute pleasure to smoke as it delivers a high motivational stone effect. Check out more of our dope seeds review.

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highly productive Number One seeds is a resulting cross between Stitch 0.1 x White widow x Nepal. Developed by Flash Auto Seeds, this strain is a perfect balance between power and performance. Known to be at the top of the charts due to her stellar genetics, this awesome marijuana present huge yields which make her a top choice for growers. Number one Seeds is an Indica dominant strain with streaks of ruderalis and can be grown in indoor and outdoor situations. This assortment gives especially great results outside. The plant grows really fast in good conditions and can reach a height of 150 - 300 cm. It has a flowering period of 90 - 100 days and after which it produces a yield of 200 - 500 gr/plant.Contrasted with other autoflowering assortments Number One Super towers above the competition. It has a THC content of 19% and CBD of 0.8%. Read more of our marijuana seed reviews. Number one is a perfect combination between a relaxing and energizing effect, for those who like lying around and thinking. A flat out joy to smoke, Number One SuperAuto incites a solid yet motivational stone. As the high advances clients will begin to feel think more creatively and feel far more uplifted. It also offers an energetic, motivating, and soaring high effect. Medically, owing to its level of CBD, Number one Seed provides many benefits to patients with health conditions as Migraines, Muscle pains, and insomnia. It also acts an appetite stimulant to those having appetite issues. When shared among companions she infuses a fun burst of vitality and fun into any movement. It has a very fruity and sour flavor very similar to fruit punch. Some online reviews that have attested to it are: “Number One is as close to a hybrid as you'll get from Flash Seeds Super-Auto catalog (currently)-- producing short, squat, cactus-like (in flower) bushes that turn into all buds. Nice yield for a little auto, with a decent (mostly sativa) like effect. Reliable little plant, for certain!” “This strain is really smoker’s choice as it offers a strong, relaxing, creative, and uplifting effect” “Plant is compact, light smell and dense buds. I really love this one.” Seed Details Variety: Indica Dominant Cross:   Stitch 0.1 x White widow x Nepal Climate: Indoors, outdoors Sex: Feminized. Flowering time: 90 – 100 days Yield: 200-500 grams Height: Medium to tall THC: 19% CBD: 0.8% Taste: A very fruity and sour flavor very similar to fruit punch      

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