Top 10 Best Indica seeds 2019

Known for their physical sedating effects a good Indica Strain will give you a full body experience and make you lose your worries and envelope you in a state of calm. When taken a step further they can make you sleepy and help with insomnia or when looking for something to take the edge off chronic pain and muscle conditions. Indica strains tend to have slightly better yields which make up for having not such a wide variety of flavors as Sativa types. When mixed with some uplifting or flavorsome Sativas you can get the best of both worlds, so we have chosen these strains which have a unique combination of some favorite strains.

The White Seeds

So absolutely resin laden that they got their name from the white coating they have when dried! The most noteworthy trait of this strain apart from the abundance of resin is its potency as it’s a quick and hard hitter giving you an almost instant full body buzz and spreads until within 30 mins you feel really sedated and calm in both body and mind.  Its got a piney kush taste with a slightly spicey undertone.

Deep Chunk Seeds

This is a hybrid of a Sensi Star and Sour Diesel and has been around since the mid 2000’s and has become very popular the last couple of years. It’s a sour fruit strain, high on the sour side, some say almost like a burnt rubber, a menthol/lemon undertone and then a sweet diesel aftertaste, which has given it a lot of fans. The effects you can expect are a uplifting as well as sedating, so you can feel fully relaxed in body but still quite motivated.


A punchy mix of Ice and Trainwreck as you can imagine this is a knockout variety giving you a massive 27% THC. The first effect is cerebral and you get a sudden burst of positive energy but still feel calm and unwound, so you could use in the day or night time. Well known for giving you a real case of munchies this strain is also good for those who have lost their appetite due to illness or anxiety.  She has an earthy taste that has a hint of spice and menthol.

OG Kush Seeds

Famous as being one of the most reputable strains this potent hybrid set the path for many popular varieties today. Recommended for a more experienced user you will get a positive uplift and mental high with just the right level of body relaxation that makes you calm but doesn’t stop you having fun and socialising, making it good for daytime use and when needing to relax for social events should those fill you with dread, IF not overused as its still real potent and can relax your body very deeply to the point of needing a couch. A sharp piney taste and aroma with some herby lemon undertone.


Bubble Gum Seeds

An almost equal mix this slightly more Indica strain has won many awards this sweet gummy variety first originated back in the 70s as is a little mysterious as to its heritage. A beautiful bush, a mass of neon green leaves, orange trichomes and covered in frosty tight little buds. The smell is pure hubba bubba and the taste is the same but with a little dank undertone that is still highly sweet and fruity. It has been said that she reached a level of THC 30% by some, but probably around 23% is more realistic which is still really high. A lovely equal mix of cerebral high and full body buzz that can send you couch hunting if overdone.

Northern Lights Seeds

A pure and highly revered strain which ticks all the boxes, resilient, fast to flower with crystal coated purple buds. It’s a psychoactive variety that spreads throughout the body taking away aches and pains and undoing the muscle knots and leaving you feeling dreamy can calm and stress free, really good for pain sufferers and insomniacs alike, or when highly strung and needing to ‘check out’ of yourself for a while. She really tastes earthy but sweet and lemony rather than dank but will leave you with cottonmouth and red eyes if overdone.

Blue Mystic Seeds

As mystic as her name she has been known to effect people in different ways with some saying that they feel pumped and energised but others feel sedated and sleepy, also some users get a creative buzz but others have reported that they feel so relaxed they cant work, so this one is worth a try as it might be just what you are looking for! She is an easy grow and flowers in 7-10 weeks producing an average yield. Blue Mystic is a Blueberry/Northern Light cross so great heritage and good for lessen inflammation, pains and muscle cramps as well as relieving nausea and stimulating appetite.

Purple Kush Seeds

Another massive THC baby, testing up to 27% this purple lovely is a pure Indica and a mix of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani this is a real favourite amongst those needing some strong pain relief such as sufferers of nerve damage and muscle spasms, as she is deeply sedating and numbing and therefore good for night time use. An earthy grapey flavour with a slightly spicey undertone as well as the body numbing effects you will also feel happy and calm.

Strawberry Banana Seeds

A cross between a Banana Kush and a Strawberry strain of Bubblegum she is a sticky variety that pumps out a whole lot of resin! A smooth sweet easy mellow smoke that has a real berry taste on the exhale and a creamy aftertaste. The high creeps up on you and takes you on a creative ride where you feel energised and almost trippy as you feel like your senses have been sharpened so that you can enjoy everything to the max, whether it be a movie or a walk in the fields.

G13 Haze Seeds

A legend the G13 is hailed as being a super Indica as she came about after 23 clones were made and tested and the G13 was he most stable. It has a unique ability to provide full body relief from pain with literally no feeling of fatigue or sedation, but uplifted. The G13 also has shown popular with those suffering from inflammation and loss of appetite. The taste is a sweet earthy citrus.