Top 10 Sativa Seeds 2019

Here are our top 10 favorite Best Sativas seeds of the Summer!

Grapefruit Kush Seeds

This is a fruity hashy strain that is both smooth as well as refreshing, ideal for daytime use as it relieves anxiety and stress as well as giving those suffering from depression a positive lift. It has been said that it offers some pain relief also. Don’t overuse or you can easily become a little too relaxed, but if its evening and you have a couch nearby don’t worry and let it take you on a happy ride! She has a THC level or around 22% and genetics are from BC Kush and Grapefruit.

Strawberry Cough Seeds

This Strawberry fruity beauty will make you smile, she is a real mood elevator and is good for those who suffer in social settings with anxiety. The genetics come from an Erdbeer and a mystery Indica with good THC levels of between 22-26% you will get a quick head rush followed by a relaxing sedative full body effect, great for winding down and relieving stress whilst still keeping clear headed to hold discussions or finish work.

Grape Stomper Seeds

This one will make you suck your cheeks in with its wonderful mix of both sweet and sour flavours. Otherwise known as ‘Sour Grapes’ it’s a fruity sour Sativa that has a grapey candy taste that’s delicious and very addictive that sometimes causes users to take too much at once as they just cant get enough! Grape Stomper came about by crossing a Purple Elephant with a Chemdawg Sour Diesel. Its THC level averages around 18-28% so it’s a strong one! Its powers are used mostly for Chronic pain, fatigue and stress as well as mood swings and depression as it is uplifting as well as relaxing.

Sour Apple Seeds

A wonderful mix hybrid of both a Sour Diesel and C99 she has a peppery sour apple pungent taste and aroma that has a moderate THC level of around 14-17% and will give you a slow building and uplifting head high that will leave you focused and feeling euphoric and able to deal with anxious social situations but if used more heavily can also leave you feeling overwhelmingly relaxed and needing a couch. A good strain for treating those needing relief from chronic stress and pain.

Hawaiian Punch Seeds

She packs a punch right out of Hawaii with a Orange/Pinapple skunky earthy taste, you will feel happy and relaxed dreaming of tropical islands! This is a powerful sativa that has strong pain killing analgesic properties as well as giving you an uplifting and creative calm so good for those needing relief from chronic pain as well as anxiety and depression.

Tangerine Dream Seeds

This is a cross between a G13 and Haze supposedly with Afghan traits. A nice potent orangey flavour that will leave you feeling clearheaded and both relaxed and alert, which is well balanced and boasts a massive 28% THC punch! The citrus taste has been said to have an earthy undertone that’s almost spicey and clove like. As you would expect from these THC levels you will get a fast head rush that leaves you feeling the buzz because of its excellent you can either relax or socialise enjoying its cerebral positive lift. A good relief for those suffering from mood disorders such as social anxiety and stress.

Super Lemon Haze Seeds

Skunky lemon zing! This zesty sativa is fresh and citrusy with a slightly sweet taste, but also sour as you would expect from lemon.  This fresh fruity bud will give you energy and make you feel alive and with a positive buzz, so good for those who want daytime use and need to be creative and social, maybe not so good for those edging on anxiety as it might make you feel more wired and better to find something more relaxing.

Sugar Haze Seeds

Obviously, this is a sweet tasting sativa and with its high THC levels of 23% its hard hitting and very potent so novices be warned it might be just a little too much too soon! The hybrid came from a mix of Santa Marta and Haze. She is a fast flowerer and also gives you a chunky yield so win win! The effects are trippy as well as knockout be warned!

Island Sweet Skunk Seeds

Also known as Sweet Island Skunk this sativa strain is enjoyed for its energetic buzz. It has a sweet skunky taste with a tropical fruit undertone that is slightly grapefruity. Bred in Canada originally it’s a descendant of Skunk#1. The CBD levels are quite high so it is used to treating sufferers of anxiety, inflammation as well as muscle spasms as its effects are uplifting, giving you a euphoric buzz that leaves you feeling happy.

Passionfruit Seeds

An unusual mix of both a grapefruit with a Burmese Kush, this tropical rare sativa strain is tangy and delicious and really does taste like Passion Fruit, and smells citrusy, with an earthy undertone to its flavour. The effects are quick hitting and you feel it almost as soon as you first exhale giving you a great uplift which makes you feel motivated and focused as well getting an energetic lift that is great for daytime use when you need to get mental or physical tasks done. It has been noted that you don’t get anxiety or paranoia even if you are a novice user. THC levels are moderate at around 13-16% and good for chronic fatigue, depression and stress.