Top 10 Best outdoor marijuana seeds 2019

There really is something for everyone when growing Marijuana outdoors, whether you live in a humid warm climate or a wet, windy and cold one there will be a suitable strain for you. Also there are many varieties that can hide nicely between your veggies when needing to be a little discreet and nobody will be any the wiser (apart from the Cannabisowl 🙂) Here are our Top 10 outdoor growing seeds.

Grapefruit Kush Seeds

Bangi Haze , Originating from Northern Spain she was bred specifically to be an outdoor success which is unusual for a Haze variety. Bangi Haze is very resilient to mould and pests even repellent to the spider mites, she will happily grow in cold damp climates as well as warm and she has a short growing season for those who this is important. She gives you a wonderful uplifting cerebral high that leaves you feeling positive and energetic and ready to keep you going all day. Expect an unusual Anise/Floral taste and aroma

Afghan Kush Seeds

Afghan Kush is A Pure landrace 100% Indica strain which has been growing outdoors for centuries. The Afghan Kush is a short stubby bush so really great for covert growing fitting in amongst other plants but her leaf to flower ratio is massive and along with her nice THC levels of 17%. Its about an true of an Indica you are going to get as she hasnt suffered any hybridization like other modern types. A classic kush dank spice which has a nice sweet undertone that’s a little spicy leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and ready for couch or bed.

Cash Crop Seeds

Cash Crop Auto Feminized -Ching Ching! As you can imagine she is going to produce you a great crop in no time, the Cash Crop giving you huge fat buds that are so heavy they need support during the last 2 weeks! Although she prefers a warmer home she can also be persuaded to grow in cooler temperatures also. Her colas are really dense so she is also good oil production. She is a sweet and skunky and will lift your feet of the floor with her cerebral high.

Royal Cheese Seeds

Royal Cheese Feminized – This stinky cheesy baby doesn’t just do well outdoors but really thrives, the Royal Cheese can reach 6.5 foot with ease and will give you a much higher yield that if restrained indoors instead of letting her do her thing wild and free! Prefering a little warmth and enough water that’s all she needs to get her going, just plan to let her have 10 weeks before any frost sets in to allow her to mature. As per her name she kicks up a real stink so not a good grow when stealth is required. A good CBD level for medicinal users.

Maple Leaf Indica Seeds

White Skunk Auto is Happy in cool and even cold climates the White Skunk is a compact bush which will be quickly be ready in 6-7 weeks and will give you a good yield. She grows with vigour and are so easy to grow she is often recommended for first time growers who are looking for something that will give them a quick reward. Whilst the average skunk isnt for stealth growers as she really smells like a skunk has been let loose, this strain doesn’t have this issue and has the smell of an average Sativa. You will end up with some long, fine central colas with super sticky buds, as much as a Super Skunk. She has a sharp orange citrus bite that leaves you with a long lasting super happy giggly high with a warm body buzz.

Big Bud Seeds

Big Bud , Apart from the obvious big buds that the Big Bud will give you, she is a cup winner getting first prize in the mostly Indica category in the second High Times Cannabis cup in 1989. Such a resinous beauty even when cured they are so sticky they form large clumps! The Big Bud will give you a big body punch without much mental stimulation so good for a lazy high and when wanting to relax, being recommended by those suffering from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. Best for night time use obviously and therefore good for insomnia sufferers also. It’s a grapey dank taste with a little haze undertone coming from its Haze as well as Skunk heritage. Can be topped and bended to get more width and less height in growth stages, and will give you a good yield in 7-8 weeks.


Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is A no fuss grow the Hindu Kush is super low maintenance and so great for beginners alike or those sufferers who don’t have time and energy. She is a forgiving bush who will not die if you don’t have the best growing environment or make some mistakes as she is very resilient. A short stocky plant who can blend in the garden and doesn’t mind the weather, just make sure she is ready for harvest if you are expecting frost. Expect a long smooth heavy stone that leaves you calm and happy but not completely couch locked, just free of tension, and still focused. An earthy smoke with an incense like aroma.

Durban Seeds

Durban Feminized is One of purest Sativas on the market she was very carefully bred to preserve her heritage. The Durban is a fungus resistant strain and will produce whether you have a good summer or not, giving you a branchy bush with hard clusters of calyxes and a nice cola topped with resin frost. Well known for a cerebral high more than physical effect although you still feel the buzz with some users saying that its almost narcotic like as she soothes and lifts at the. The Durban has a citrus earthy sweetness.



Northern Lights Seeds

Northern lights is A pure and highly revered strain which ticks all the boxes, resilient, fast to flower with crystal coated purple buds. It’s a psychoactive variety that spreads throughout the body taking away aches and pains and undoing the muscle knots and leaving you feeling dreamy can calm and stress free, really good for pain sufferers and insomniacs alike, or when highly strung and needing to ‘check out’ of yourself for a while. She really tastes earthy but sweet and lemony rather than dank but will leave you with cottonmouth and red eyes if overdone.


Pineapple Skunk Seeds

Pineapple Chunk Feminized is A potent THC packed strain reporting to reach 25% this is one to hit you hard and knock you straight onto the couch after tasting the citrus/cheese flavour of the Pineapple Chunk. An easy grow for such wonderful powers that she provides, and is resilient to both mould and pests and will happily grow in all climates with only a little care. She is quite a tall leggy plant to bare this in mind when choosing your plot to grow.