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HALEYS COMET SEED  is a mostly Sativa marijuana plant from Flying Dutchmen. It is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains. This marijuana plant could be cultivated indoors and outdoors. In addition to this, it has a short flowering period average of 53 days. This marijuana plant has no feminized seeds as well. Haley’s Comet is a child of an early Californian variety to consider. The early Californian variety was then crossed with the popular Skunk # 1, which is known to provide great yields, fast maturation, and would be suitable to grow outdoors in different temperate regions. Haley’s Comet is known for its taste that is sweet and pungent. In addition to this, it has a smell of the same kind double with a high that is physical and cerebral. This plant is a high yielding plant and would be an easy grow for anyone. Lastly, it would be fast maturing as well. Haley's Comet produces loads of bud sites, the pre-flowers appear already at the 2nd/3rd week. The slightest reduction of photoperiod can trigger the flowering even earlier. The buds produced by this cannabis are ghostly looking, tight snowballs made of frozen lumps of gas and rock, and get outerspacy bright under lights. They tend to change their colour from white to sort of orange/gold by the harvest. The average outside yield is as high as 350gr per m2 with the harvest starting in September/October. Marijuana produced by this plants has a strong physical cerebral high; she has a very pleasant sweet and pungent, real Afghani smell and taste and burns quickly. After 7 to 8 weeks indoors, Halley’s Comet will be ready for harvest. When growing outdoors, most growers pull in late August or early September. This is remarkably fast, considering most outdoor sativa-dominant buds finish around November and sometimes even later. It’s very easy to grow and all you’ll practically have to do is water and feed it. These ladies will take care of themselves. So enjoy this bud, whether you’re growing it or smoking it.   HALEYS COMET SEEDS FEATURES:  Classification: Sativa-dominant Parents: Unknown California strain x Skunk #1 Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor Garden Skills: Beginner Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks (indoor) or late-August to early-September (outdoor) Yield: Heavy Medical Uses: Inflammation, depression, nausea, glaucoma, migraines Climate: Indoor, Outdoor Effect: Physical, Cerebral Flavour: Punget, Sweet Sowing time: May / June Outdoor harvest: September/October

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